The Conference on Ion-Surface Interactions 2017 (ISI-2017) will be the next one in a series of traditional biennial meetings promoting growth and exchange of scientific information on the physics of atomic collisions with solids, and related topics. Beginning with 1971, the conferences were held in Kharkov, Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, in the town of Zvenigorod near Moscow, and in Yaroslavl.

The scientific programme of the conference Ion-Surface Interactions includes the main aspects of this scientific discipline: ion scattering and penetration, sputtering and secondary ion emission, electron excitation, ion-induced electron, photon and X-ray emission, ion-assisted processes in thin films and nanostructures, radiation damage accumulation and plasma-surface interactions. Although the focus of the conference is on the fundamental aspects of these effects in theoretical and experimental research and computer simulation, presentations on process and device applications, particularly on surface analyses and modification, are welcome.


The scientific programme will include invited plenary talks, as well as oral and poster presentations held in the following sections:

  1. Sputtering, surface erosion, desorption
  2. Ion scattering and penetration
  3. Emission of ions, electrons, photons and X-rays under ion-surface interaction
  4. Ion implantation and surface modification
  5. Ion-assisted processes in nanostructures and thin films
  6. Plasma-surface interaction: physics and technology

ISI-2017 will run with no parallel sessions.

The duration of invited talks will be 25 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion. The other oral talks are scheduled for 10 minutes and 5 minutes for discussion. The oral talk illustrations are to be made as Power Point presentation.

Poster sessions will be held after the oral sessions. Posters of 60cm  x 80cm size should be put up the evening before, and removed immediately after the poster session.

The preliminary list of invited speakers and the program will be available on the conference website.


The working languages of the conference will be English (all oral presentations and posters). It is possible also to present posters in Russian, but titles, abstracts and figure captions should be in English.


In the case you need visa to enter Russia, contact Organising Committee via, please and give us following information:
  1. Scan of your passport
  2. Place of birth
  3. Home address (residential address)
  4. Affiliation
  5. Position
  6. Work address
  7. City where you are going to apply for the visa
  8. Preliminary dates of your stay in Russia
  9. Place(s) of your stay in Moscow (is it Intourist-Kolomenskoe hotel?)
This is necessary to prepare a visa invoice for you, which you should use applying for the visa at your consulate.


Participants are requested to contribute to the scientific program by submitting extended abstracts (4 pages, A4 for regular reports and 4 - 6 pages A4 for invited talks, including figures). The instructions of abstract preparation see here. Abstracts must be received not later than March 15, 2017.
Registered participants will recieve a book of extended abstracts on their arrival.

For Russian applicants: please read the Russian version of our website for exact application rules and contact information.


Extended abstracts should be submitted either in English or in Russian. Abstracts are to be sent by e-mail to Dr. E. Zykova and copy to the Conference Secretary.


Book of extended abstracts will be published before conference starts and distributed among participants. This book will be indexed in Russian scitation system RISS. Selected and refereed papers of the Conference will be published in Russian or in English as special issues of the Russian journals Izvestiya RAN, ser. fiz. (The Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Physics) or Poverkhnost' (J. of Surface Investigation, Springer). Some papers (in English) will be published in a special issue of the international journal Vacuum (Elsevier Publishers) and in Rad.Eff.and Def. in Solids. Manuscripts prepared for publication in the Conference Proceedings should not exceed 8 printed pages for regular papers and 12 pages for invited papers. An electronic version of paper and two printed copies should be submitted on the first day of the conference.


The regular conference fee is 450 Euro, student fee is 250 Euro and accompanying person fee is 200 Euro. It covers lunches, evening meals, the books of extended abstracts, outings and excursions, and the cost of visa invoice. The conference fee can be paid via bank transfer. All details will be published at the conference website.
Registration fee should be paid before 21st July 2017. Registration fee after 21st July 2017: regular – 500 Euro, student – 300 Euro and accompanying person – 250 Euro.


Further information will be available on the ISI-2017 Conference web-site: or from the Conference Secretariat on one of the following addresses:

Evgeny Marenkov,
Conference Secretary,
National Research Nuclear
University «MEPhI»,
31, Kashirskoe Shosse
Moscow, 115409, Russia
Phone: (7-499) 324 7024
Ekaterina Zykova
Physics Faculty,
Moscow State University,
119992, Moscow, Russia
Phones: (7-495) 939 2937,
             (7-495) 939 1787
Mobile: (7-903) 68 68 078
Participants from abroad, who need a visa, are asked to contact
Evgeny Marenkov
National Research NuclearUniversity «MEPhI»,
Phone: (7-499) 324 8766
Fax/Phone: (7-499) 324 7024