Abstracts should follow the format described in the sample below. You can also download the sample abstract in MS Word format.
Extended abstracts (A4 format, 3-4 pages for regular talks, and 4-6 pages for invited talks, including figures) should be submitted either in English or in Russian.
Abstracts presented in Russian must have a short annotation in English.
They are to be sent to Ekaterina Zykova isi2019abstract@plasma.mephi.ru with the name of the first author and topic "Abstract" in title.


A. Alfa*, B.Beta# and G.Gamma#

*Institution 1, University etc., City, Country, e-mail:
# Institution 2, University etc., City, Country

The abstract page, including title, author names, their addresses, text and references must fit into a rectangle of a 16 cm width and 25 cm height. Leave 3 cm left, 2 cm right, 2.2 cm top and 2.5 cm bottom margins for an A4 page.

The abstract should be typed 1.5 spaced using 12 point fonts (Times New Roman). The size of an abstract should fill 4 (or 3) pages for a submitted presentation and 4 to 6 pages for an invited talk. Figures and tables should be inserted into the text. All captions must be typed single spaced using 12 point fonts. The quality and size of figures should be suitable for direct photographic reproduction.

Indicate the references in the text using square brakets [1] and type them at the bottom of the abstract, leaving a blank line. In the case of multiple authorship, all authors should be listed in the references; only in case of more than 12 (twelve) authors is the first authors et al. acceptable.

On a separate page indicate your preference for a poster or oral presentation. Please indicate also to which section of the conference program your contribution is related.

1. L.D.Landau, E.M.Lifshitz, Quantum Mechanics, Oxford, England: Pergamon Press, 1977.
2. J.P.Biersack, L.G.Haggmark, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. 174 (1980) 257.